Welcome to Lighthouse Logic

I have decided to set up a new blog more technical in nature than Evolvium. I am hoping that the posts are more frequent too. Please forgive me but I haven't blogged in over two years.

Over the past two years I have been working on a number of different projects ranging from augmented reality to teaching people how to program games for the iPad to building an App to help people to sleep better.

I have really been enjoying getting back into programming and sharing a few things with the open source community. This blog is really an extension of that latter activity. From time to time I come across something that is not documented particularly well or an idea that hasn't been explored properly. I find myself wanting to write these things down in the hope that I can save other people time in the same way that so many people have helped me.

You may wonder what the idea is behind the lighthouse in Lighthouse Logic. As many of you would already know, I love the sea and everything connected with it. I particularly enjoy coastal navigation and using mathematical and geometrical approaches to the real world. The satisfaction that comes from putting aside the GPS unit and working out positions and plans from a chart and dividers is great.

So really, I was just looking for a name that was connected with me and my life. And incidentally I really like the lighthouse as a metaphor for helping people in need and as a guiding light. I would be very proud to think that this blog might help somebody save days of agonising over code. I have been helped by so many generous people over the years and will do my best to give back to the community.