Owin Middleware Example in VB.Net

I couldn't find an example of Owin Middleware for VB.Net anywhere. After much experimentation I came up with this simple example: Public Class SimpleMiddleware Inherits »

2014 Christmas Lights

This year I have added a few new elements to the Christmas lights. The lights I used last year for my grid have been split into »

Towards MVC without a framework

For many projects, MVC frameworks like angularjs [https://angularjs.org/] are a godsend. When you are working on something a little smaller though, these frameworks tend »

Promises vs Domains in node

I previously wrote a post [https://www.lighthouselogic.com/node-domains-as-a-replacement-for-try-catch/] about using domains as a general exception handling mechanism in node. And while I am no »